The JUDGE Mission

Judge Realty CEO and Founder Lori Judge has combined a successful real estate career with an ongoing  love of art both public and private.  Judge Design is the latest iteration and natural extension of what has been a long-standing Judge Realty commitment to bringing art projects to public spaces and showcasing local artists. 

A long time art collector, Lori decided to share her acquisitions with the public by displaying selections in the Judge Realty office; effectively turning the realty office into an art gallery.  Visitors are encouraged  to view these rotating selections anytime during business hours.

In addition to the interior office gallery display, Lori has staged public art installations on the facade of the realty office building. Past projects have utilized the exterior of the Judge Realty office building as a blank canvas for local artists to share their creativity with the public. From a living moss mural titled "Mossterpiece" to recycled plastic bags transformed into flowers surrounding an exterior door frame titled "Flower Power", a digital technology display "Intersection" projected on the building to create a nighttime illumination of shapes and patterns, and "Come Rain or Shine" a smile inducing rainbow interpretation of the Johnny Mercer song; all these past installations have helped to expand the definition of public art to include more than traditional monuments and sculptures. Judge Realty supports public arts projects as a way to give back to the community, to support local artists, and to encourage other private enterprises to support future public art installations.

Judge Design takes Lori's creative vision to the next logical level; offering homeowners, rental residents and office locations a way to incorporate local art into their environments and form a connection with the larger creative community.  Judge Design strives to strengthen that link. Lori states, " We are real estate brokers but we view our bigger role as  building relationships with clients, the local community, and visitors to Savannah. Savannah is gaining national and international recognition as a vibrant arts community. I want to further promote the idea of Savannah as an arts destination. Judge Design is one more way I am hoping to achieve this goal while simultaneously bringing local artists to the attention of a larger audience."